Electric discharge machining

Automatic positioning of the electrode's end surface 1 a is accomplished by monitoring the position of the spark formed at that surface, accomplished by viewing light produced by the spark from two different positions.

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The operator then places the tools in a tool changer, if available, such as in the robotic system described herein, or the operator may choose to override the computer generated suggestions and enter information of the actual tools to be used, electrode wire diameters available and so on. As a still further advantage, the present invention eliminates such replacements, permitting virtually unattended continuous EDM operation.

The stepping motor drives the capstan, a step at a time, incrementally, each time it is electrically energized by the numerical control apparatus 8. Typically, the workpiece 2 is received in a worktank not shownand the latter is securely mounted on the worktable 10 and filled with the machining liquid so as to completely immerse the workpiece 2 deep therein, although the workpiece 2 may be only partially immersed or free from immersion especially where the machining liquid used is an inflammable fluid such as distilled water.

Electric discharge

The signal is carried by electrical cable 35 to process controller The housing 21, feed module 22 and guide 3 are constructed of a strong electrically conductive rigid material, preferably steel.

Reference is made to FIG. The EDM computer backs up the tool assembly, and rotates it by ninety degrees about the axis.

Branching from the main program, the program initiates a check of the spark position, as at SA Electrode 1 is axially displaceable in the vertical direction or the direction of a Z-axis by tool housing 4, which together with the guide member and electrode are often referred to in current parlance collectively simply as the tool or tool drive assembly.

The apparatus of claim 1 wherein the electric discharge machine further comprises an electrode, a power supply connected to the electrode that produces machining pulses for electric discharge machining through the workpiece, and the controller for regulating the power supply and electrode position.

Equip machines with a switch that triggers and stops the machine if the fluid drops to an unsafe level. Operator input to the NC apparatus 8 includes the shape of the finished surface and the shape of the workpiece 2 at start.

It also contains a unique guide member 3 for that electrode, and a spark monitoring device 18, all of which is described hereinafter at greater length.

In the first category, the main parameters to choose from at setup time are the resistance s of the resistor s and the capacitance s of the capacitor s. EDM control 39 may also have a multi-axis positioner that controls the placement of a tooling mount that holds fixture 24 and controls the position of the electrodes 36 with respect to workpiece However, because a multi-bit data code requires multiple leads to convey the information to the NC computer, and that in turn requires a like number of additional connector contacts on connector The NC control then initiates operation of the spark drive electronics 15 and applies that voltage to the tool housing 4; and commences advancing the electrode wire 1 from the guide orifice a distance of two electrode wire diameters.

The turbine is subjected to high temperature airflow exiting the combustor. The other ends of those fiber optics respectively optically coupled to fiber optic members 48 and 49 located in passages in guide member 3 and forms therewith a pair of optical transmission lines or, as variously termed, light pipes.

Initially constructing their machines from feeble electric-etching tools, they were not very successful.

Electrical discharge machining

If the final geometry is obtained using a usually simple-shaped electrode which is moved along several directions and is possibly also subject to rotations, often the term EDM milling is used. The foregoing operation closely mimics sawing with a round jigsaw blade. Little control, however, is expected over the time duration of the discharge, which is likely to depend on the actual spark-gap conditions size and pollution at the moment of the discharge.

Referring to the section view of FIG. The dielectric fluid also keeps the machined area cooled and removes the machining debris. Also, not all of the current between the dielectric is of the ideal type described above: Although the stepper motor is illustrated as containing more than two electrical leads, other equivalent stepper motors which may be substituted, may contain a lesser or greater number of electrical leads.

Electrode wear has two adverse effects. In this way the length of the portion of electrode 1 that protrudes from the guide 3 is maintained substantially constant to compensate for any electro-erosive wear of the electrode. Wire & Conventional EDM click on an EDM Sample Part images EDM Machined sample parts in aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, steel, silver, copper, hastelloy, inconel and other most all other types of conductive materials.

Electro Discharge Machining (EDM) is an electro-thermal non-traditional machining process, where electrical energy is used to generate electrical spark and material removal mainly occurs due to thermal energy of the spark.

Sep 13,  · engineering related stuff and tech study. Mill Soft Jaws: The Proper Way to Make and Use Them – Haas Automation Tip of the Day - Duration: Haas Automation, Inc. 79, views. Electric discharge machining is classified into two types based on power supply system: a capacitor type and a transistor type.

Because performance of electrode varies depending on the type of power supply, material quality of work to be machined and discharging conditions, special care should be taken in selecting an electrode. Electrical Discharge Machining EDM-8C Portable edm Wire Cutting Machine V.

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Electric discharge machining (EDM) is a non-traditional material removal process used for machining of high strength-high temperature resistant (HSTR) alloys, tough and fragile components of electrically conductive materials by using shaped tools in the presence of dielectric fluid.

Electric discharge machining
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