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A second brigade was organized in the west to guard the frontier against attack from Canada. It is not known whether he was aware of the pioneering work on chromosomes being done by his contemporary, August Weismann.

A Biography of John Langdon 1741-1819

Langdon later served as a member of the New Hampshire Legislature —05with the last two terms as speaker; he served as governor from —12, with the exception of — Langdon attended the local grammar school run by a veteran of the Siege of Louisbourg against the French at Fortress Louisbourg in New France.

He also attended various patriot assemblies. Langdon was forced to pay his own expenses and those of Nicholas Gilman to the Constitutional Convention because New Hampshire was unable or unwilling to pay them.

To equip his warships, he had to spend much time persuading the various states to contribute precious resources to projects that did not promise any immediate return. Langdon was born in at or near Portsmouth, NH.

John langdonmeantime, he had married Elizabeth Sherburne, who was to give birth to one daughter.

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John Langdon did not remain long in the counting house. His father, whose family had emigrated to America beforewas a prosperous farmer who sired a large family.

John Langdon Down was quite liberal and advanced for a Victorian gentleman. Thereafter, Langdon made a significant mark. Eventually he went into the mercantile business for himself and prospered. He would serve as New Hampshire governor, U.

The Langdon family was among the first settlers of Portsmouth which was near the mouth of Piscataqua River and one of major seaports of New England. Langdon and his men made off with the gunpowder from the fort, and it came in handy in the siege of Boston following the attacks on Lexington and Concord.

He strongly supported the efforts of Washington, Madison, and others who were calling for the creation of a new government. John Burgoyne and was present in command of a militia unit at Saratoga, NY, when the latter surrendered. Inmeantime, he had married Elizabeth Sherburne, who was to give birth to one daughter.

John Langdon, who represented New Hampshire at the Constitutional Convention, was a wealthy international trader. During the latter year, he accepted a colonelcy in the militia of his state and became its agent for British prizes on behalf of the Continental Congress, a post he held throughout the war.

Too weak to operate without naval support, the Americans had to retreat. Thereafter, Langdon made a significant mark. He was once again appointed to the Continental Congress inand served as one of New Hampshire 's delegates to the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia.

Between then andhe kept active in New Hampshire politics.

A Biography of John Langdon 1741-1819

Langdon went on to serve another term as governor before resigning in to become one of the first United States senators. After several unsuccessful attempts, in he was elected as governor and continued in that post until except for a year's hiatus in Langdon was elected to two terms as President of New Hampshireonce between and and again between and In he built a home at Portsmouth.

As the British continued to control shipping and trade, Langdon was an avid supporter of the revolution, seeing it as essential if the colonies were to develop their economies.

Langdon joined the Portsmouth committee of correspondence and supported the revolutionary cause both financially and physically. He sat again in the legislaturetwice holding the position of speaker. He also questioned whether the characteristics were too superficial for them to be seen as Mongolian and suggested that it might be an instance of "variation".

When the war ended, John Langdon went on to serve in the Continental Congress and helped draft the Constitution, which he then persuaded his fellow citizens of New Hampshire to support. His grave is at Old North Cemetery in Portsmouth.

He participated in the raid on Fort William and Marydrumming up a band of more than a hundred men to rush the fort and overpower the small contingent of British guards. Founding Father John Langdon from the State of New Hampshire is a signer to the U.S.

John Langdon

Constitution in September 17, Learn more about John Langdons role in forming America as a delegate to the Constitutional Convention. John Langdon is an outstanding typographic designer, lettering artist and writer. As a free-lance designer for over 25 years, John has created logos for clients ranging from the musicians of Jefferson Starship to The Rehabilitation Hospitals of A National Historic Landmark, Governor John Langdon House is an exceptional Georgian mansion which George Washington “esteemed the first” in Portsmouth.

Its reception rooms are of a grand scale suited to ceremonial occasions and are ornamented by elaborate wood carving in the Rococo /governor-john-langdon-house. · LANGDON, JOHN (d. ), bishop of Rochester, a native of Kent, and perhaps of Langdon, was admitted a monk of Christ Church, Canterbury, in Afterwards he studied at Oxford, and graduated B.D.

in ; according to his epitaph he was,_John_(DNB00). · John Langdon Down was the son of a village grocer. Born in Torpoint, Cornwall, inhe was the 6th child of religious parents. He worked in the family business until he John Langdon-Davies ().

“A short history of the future” 3 Copy quote. There is not the slightest indication that nuclear energy will ever be obtainable. John Langdon-Davies. Energy, Atoms, Nuclear. 3 Copy quote. By sexual feeling and marriage will have nothing to do with each

John langdon
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