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Methane A colorless, odorless and flammable hydrocarbon gas. The typewriters are arranged alphbetically by brand. It was the early s and most people who needed to type fast for a living were secretaries and most secretaries were women. Classification numbers on books in libraries could be done this way.

A housewife assisted by her servants if she had any had to bake her family's bread and brew their beer it was not safe to drink water.

Lost-and-or-unaccounted-for-gas The portion of gas flowing into the distribution system which is not accounted for by sales, company use, or other known dispositions of gas. Mathias Schwalbach, a German clockmaker, was hired to assist with construction. Although the machine possessed a cylindrical platen and what was essentially a QWERTY keyboard, two design elements that would later become essential were lacking: Then, telephone typewriter service the message you want to send on the TTY's keyboard.

The Writing Ball was used as a template for inventor Frank Haven Hall to create a derivative that would produce letter prints cheaper and faster.

However most women worked in the home. A typewritten letter was sent to Remington, where executive Henry H. The royalty owner is not subject to any drilling or operational expenses incurred by the lessee.

Issuance may be delayed if we are unable to contact you about questions pertaining to your application forms. Foreign exchange FX Provision of local service through an exchange to a customer located in another exchange.

A jet engine is one form used in upgrading pressures for the transmission of gas. Pressure The force or thrust exerted on a surface, normally expressed as force per unit area.

The Typewriter Database is a unique source to help date your typewriter. As with most other early typewriters, because the typebars strike upwards, the typist could not see the characters as they were typed. The gas produced may be either a high-Btu or a low-Btu fuel.

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But of course, the history of headphones dates back further than the s. It is always interesting to read about which typewriters were favored by famous writers and Richard Polt has compiled a list of authors and commentary on "The Classic Typewriter Page ".

A lever on most machines allowed switching between colors, which was useful for bookkeeping entries where negative amounts were highlighted in red. The slippage usually reflects the difference in unbilled revenues for a 12 month period. When the page was done, the phone was removed temporarily and a new blank page inserted.

Clephanea stenographer whose heavy use destroyed several machines. It was a success in Europe and was reported as being used in offices in London as late as The implication of this design, however, was that pressing adjoining keys in quick succession would cause their typebars to collide and jam the machine.

Like many commercial electronics, modern headphones and stereo sound originated, in part, in the military. Flexible rates A rate structure permitted generally for competitive services in which a company's tariff specifies maximum and minimum rate levels, or a range within which actual charges may be changed on short notice to affected customers and the Commission.

WELCOME TO THE TYPEWRITER of the typewriters on this page are owned by me, but are only on public display virtually through this Web site.

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Alytimes Vintage Typewriter Music Box for Home/Office/Study Room D├ęcor Decoration Nostalgic typewriter music box is a unique tabletop piece that will add old-fashioned charm to any room.

For additional information about health insurance plans and coverage, members can contact Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont directly. A typewriter-type device used by people with hearing disabilities for typing messages back and forth via telephone lines.

Vision Disabilities Condition resulting from lost visual acuity or disability. There are 11 locations in Essex which are open to the public.

They are listed below with the address, opening hours and accessibility features.


A typewriter is a mechanical or electromechanical machine for writing characters similar to those produced by printer's movable maghreb-healthexpo.comlly, a typewriter has an array of keys, and pressing one causes a different single character to be produced on the paper, by causing a ribbon with dried ink to be struck against the paper by a type element similar to the sorts used in movable type.

Telephone typewriter service
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