Write a batch file to run exe as a service

Some other tips to running batch files: If running in the console, wait for input before closing. This line is itself hidden by the use of the at symbol in front of it.

Windows Batch Scripting: Getting Started

Copy and paste the following code into your text entry. If 'max' is specified, the running application window will be maximized. Read Moretyping in ipconfig and pinging Google to troubleshoot network problems. The 4th line is the one that actually calls the PowerShell script and contains the magic.

First, the code I provide assumes that the batch file and PowerShell script are in the same directory. You should be kind to your users and provide a batch file to call your PowerShell script.

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Run As Admin If your PowerShell script needs to be run as an admin for whatever reason, the 4th line of the batch file will need to change a bit: Luckily there is a Wikibook entry which holds the extensive library of batch script parameters and variables at your disposal. On newer Windows systems, your user profile folder will typically be C: This saves you time and effort; but it also allows you to put in some logic like simple loops, conditional statements, etc.

Now all anybody has to do to run your PowerShell script is double-click the batch file; something that even your grandma can do well, hopefully. Rem statements are not entered into your code. In this guide, we will learn how you can run Batch Files silently in background mode and hide the Console Window.

Identifier alternate data stream on MyScript. I typically use this trick for myself too when my script requires admin rights, as it just makes running the script faster and easier.

How can I execute a .BAT file from an .MSI installation?

However, there are some important bits demonstrated here: If running in the console, wait for input before closing. Examples of setting that must be set: I did create a shortcut to the batch file and have it run as Administrator and was able to get it execute by double-clicking it, but the method I ended up going with was to run it hidden as SYSTEM I know, I know -- but it does work with ROBOCOPY, for what it's worth, as long as the batch file has the correct permissions.

Very few editors do anything special for Batch files like syntax highlighting or keyword support, so notepad is good enough fine and will likely be installed on just about every Windows system you encounter.

NirCmd is a very powerful tool that has myriads of options, the most useful of which, I personally find to be its ability to launch hidden command windows by simply executing the following: After a while, you realize that it would be a bit more efficient if you just wrote a simple BAT file, stuck it on your USB stick, and used it on the machines you troubleshoot.

Here is the procedure to use it. The library for batch variables is huge, to say the least.

how to run a .exe as a service?

Check out our detailed posts on the following subjects: When using the command prompt, one must direct the prompt to a particular directory before changing a files name, deleting a file, and so on.

This parameter will allow you to view your working script in the command prompt. With the text file open, enter the following script. The —NoProfile switch solves problem 4 above, and the —ExecutionPolicy Bypass argument solves problem 2. Pascal casing your filenames is an easy way to avoid spaces e.

PS1 file extension by default. Make sure to choose Hidden. Right-click an empty space in a folder of your choosing, and select New, then Text Document. Bonus One more tidbit that I often include at the end of my PowerShell scripts is the following code: We brought this up initially in our PowerShell Geek School series.

But that still leaves problem 3 above, right. It also allows you to put in some logic like simple loops, conditional statements, etc. The image is on my desktop, not somewhere online. Disclaimer The sample scripts are not supported under any Microsoft standard support program or service.

I like to run two programs using batch file, but the condition is, the second program must start only after the first program loaded, so is there any way to control using timer to control when the.

Dec 05,  · To create a batch file, use Notepad to create a new text document, save the contents of your file with maghreb-healthexpo.com maghreb-healthexpo.com extension. Then double-click maghreb-healthexpo.com maghreb-healthexpo.com file to run it, or invoke it at the command prompt by name, e.g.

If you have a simple batch file that you want to run, you can create another batch file, and type in the command as below START /MIN maghreb-healthexpo.com /C maghreb-healthexpo.com There are two ways to execute it. Jul 03,  · I am trying to create a keyboard shortcut to run a program as a different user.

So far it seems the best way would be to make a batch file to run the program as a different user and then set the keyboard shortcut to that batch command.

However, I cannot seem to write a successful batch command · The complication is that maghreb-healthexpo.com requires. How to Write a Batch File in Windows.

Before going into the details, here is a quick summary. Open a text file, such as a Notepad or WordPad document. Why can’t I just copy maghreb-healthexpo.com1 file to another computer and run it?

wmic run a batch file from UNC path on remote computer

Unless the target system has been pre-configured to allow running of arbitrary scripts, with the required privileges, and using the right settings, chances are you’re going to run into some problems when you try to do this.

Write a batch file to run exe as a service
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Creating DOS Batch Files